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“Fabulous! Innovative! Creative! User-friendly! In short, I love the new changes and the fact that you keep us moving in Canadian Pharmacy a positive direction. This makes my marketing tasks much easier to manage and allows me to keep my customers informed all the time. Thank you for all you do to keep us successful”
—Sheryl L.

“WOW! You have done a fantastic job putting this all together. It is very impressive and we really appreciate it! Thanks!”
—Kathy and Rolf W.

“I have been so pleased with all of the information that you have supplied to us!!! What a great thing to do. I have had great feedback from my customers. Thanks for all you do!!!”
—Ashley F.

“I think this technology is great! It's not replacing the face-to-face contact with my customers it's enhancing it, by giving me more opportunities and avenues to contact them. It just makes sense to use every channel possible to reach out and build your business.”
—Cecliy N.

Flexible payment options!

Flexible payment options!

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SignUp – Created exclusively for Melaleuca Marketing Executives!

HealthyTree offers you the most superior online software package available for Melaleuca Marketing Executives. From lead generation and prospecting to recruiting and training, you'll be amazed at how effortlessly HealthyTree helps you manage your existing offline business, as well as create and expand your online business. Take a test drive today and find out for yourself why HealthyTree has the strongest roots for your Melaleuca business.

Your Virtual Office on the Web.

It's all in the tree. Your HealthyTree Web Office is the central control center for everything you need to do online. But it doesn't stop there. The Web Office offers you time-saving, business-building tools specifically for Melaleuca, whether conducting business online or offline!

Web Office
  • Personal website statistics for monitoring traffic
  • Corporate communication from Melaleuca
  • New Users Guide and Help section and to assist you along the way
  • Instant access to message boards, contact management tools and more
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What your Lead Generation website can look like

Gather more leads. Gather more business.

Now you can grow your business potential online with an audience-specific lead-generation website! Utilizing eye-catching design and numerous pre-formatted opportunity pitches that you can customize, you'll be able to attract more leads and lend credibility to your business! And there's no need to manage multiple lead-generation websites. HealthyTree's pre-formatted opportunity pitches allow you to create a website specifically for the audience you're targeting. Running a campaign this month for mothers who want to work at home? Use the "Mothers" pitch. Running a campaign next month for those who want to be their own boss? Switch to the "Advantages" pitch next month. Take a tour to explore the site's features.

Training your organization just got easier!

In addition to a lead-generation website, your HealthyTree account also includes a fully customizable training website. Not only can you decide the color, layout and content displayed, but you also have the power to include exciting Melaleuca product descriptions, display important events and announcements to others, and upload your own photo! Even better, your training includes links to Fast Track,, New Horizons, and the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities.
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  What your Training website can look like
Marketing Emails

Marketing Emails: easy, fast, and effective.

"Punch-up" the excitement of your correspondence with innovative HTML-enhanced emails. These emails help those you're communicating with to visualize concepts and are proven to be 3 times more effective than traditional plain-text emails. These emails have already been created with colorful graphics and formatted text—all you have to do is enter email addresses and click 'Send'! The entire process takes less than 3 minutes. Imagine that: 3 times more effective in just 3 minutes. Email marketing doesn't get any easier than that!

Follow up. Find out. Teach. Communicate.

Staying in touch with your contacts—and keeping them organized—is now easier than ever before. Your HealthyTree Contact Center is a contact management solution that's fully integrated with your training and lead-generation websites. Leads are automatically added to your HealthyTree Address Book, and your training site is automatically updated any time you add an event to your HealthyTree Calendar. Equipped with email center, address book, online planner, list manager, and more! All conveniently located and extremely user-friendly!
Includes Presentation Manager with New Horizons 2005 Presentation!


Support via email not enough? Let's talk.

When email communication isn't enough, call one of our friendly HealthyTree technical support representatives and instantly receive answers to your questions. Free with your HealthyTree account. Having been in this business industry since 1997, we know what it takes to keep our customers satisfied and are always happy to assist you in any way we can.

Avery® mailing labels, message boards, banner manager... The possibilities are endless!

HealthyTree is pleased to provide you with technology that makes your life easier—and improves business efficiency! From the convenience of being able to print Avery® mailing labels using your HealthyTree Address Book, to advice and tips on the HealthyTree Message Boards, to the added "pizzaz" of banner ads to help drive traffic to your site... The technological benefits and advances are ongoing at HealthyTree. We continually evolve for your benefit and success! Expect exciting new tools and additions as we act upon your suggestions and requests.
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Avery® mailing labels, message boards, banner manager... The possibilities are endless!
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